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About the book

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SurviveJS - Maintenance is meant for anyone who has to develop and maintain JavaScript applications or packages.

The purpose of this book is to gather development practices that are particularly useful for anyone who has to maintain JavaScript code or code that compiles to JavaScript.

I, Juho Vepsäläinen, and my co-author Artem Sapegin, have spent years developing npm packages and JavaScript projects. As a result we have gained insight on how to do it and how not to do it. The book combines our experience into a concise format that allows you to improve your development experience.

What Will You Learn

Unless you work on fresh greenfield projects all the time, maintenance concerns are something that will come up fast. The book has been structured into small parts where you learn:

  • How to manage npm packages
  • How to improve code quality
  • How to set up infrastructure for your project
  • How to document the project in a sustainable manner
  • How to plan for the future

In addition, there are small appendices that delve into deeper detail on topics such as monorepos and customizing ESLint.

Getting the Book

The easiest way to get started with the material is to check out the free online edition. If you like it, purchase a digital copy of the book. The digital edition comes in three formats (epub/mobi/pdf) and makes you eligible for future updates.

The profit is split between the authors apart after Leanpub has taken its cut. The income is used for ventures like this and helps us to develop and support the content.

There's a Gitter chat for support. You can check out the project at GitHub as well.

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About the Authors

Juho Vepsäläinen Juho Vepsäläinen is behind the SurviveJS effort. He has been active in the open source scene since the early 2000s and participated in projects like Blender and webpack as a core team member.

Juho lives in Rautalampi, Finland, and was chosen as the Finnish Code Ambassador of 2017 by Blue Arrow Awards. He is the director of Future Frontend.

Artem Sapegin Artem Sapegin is a frontend developer living in Berlin, passionate photographer and owner of crazy dogs. Creator of React Styleguidist.

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Even though all the books are freely available on the web, it can be convenient to purchase the digital copies. To make this simple, I've created a specific bundle containing all the books for a discounted price.

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