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SurviveJS - Webpack#

Webpack book cover SurviveJS - Webpack is meant for beginner to intermediate users of webpack. Webpack is a powerful bundler that can simplify the creation of complex web application.

The book begins with a foreword by Tobias Koppers, the author of the tool. After that you will learn what makes webpack tick and develop an extensive configuration you understand. During this process you will learn how to develop, build, optimize, and extend webpack.

In addition, the book covers a wide variety of specific techniques to apply in its 45 chapters and seven appendices. Each chapter of the book as a short summary to encourage quick skimming.

The book covers more than just webpack. You will learn to improve the quality of your code using tools such as ESLint. There are also React specific tips and a lot more.

Getting the Book#

The easiest way to get started with the material is to check out the free online edition. If you like it, purchase a digital copy of the book. The digital edition comes in three formats (epub/mobi/pdf) and makes you eligible for future updates.

A third of the income goes to Tobias. This is my way of saying thanks and supporting his effort. Since I'm a webpack core developer as well, you help me to spend more time on the project too.

There's a Gitter chat for support. You can check out the project at GitHub and support webpack directly through Open Collective.

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SurviveJS - React#

React logo Facebook's React powers an increasing amount of sites. There is a good reason for this. It simplifies frontend development greatly.

Combined with webpack, a bundling tool, you have a powerful frontend development environment in your hands. The SurviveJS effort consists of two books that help you to adopt these technologies. They are available as a bundle.

React book cover SurviveJS - React shows you how to build a simple Kanban. The idea is that if you can build a simple application, you can probably build something more complex after that. The first application is always the hardest.

In addition to fundamental React knowledge, you will pick up design techniques as you develop a kanban application step by step and learn to understand it in detail.

While implementing the Kanban step by step, you will pick up basic ideas of how to compose your application, how to manage data related concerns, how to style your application, how to implement drag and drop. Those are just few topics of the many covered.

Once you have completed the project, you will end up with something like this:

Kanban animation

Even though the application looks simple, it's complex enough to illustrate potential problems such as reference handling.

The React book is based on a boilerplate. If you want to understand the techniques used in the boilerplate itself, check out the webpack book above.

Even if you know React well already, there might be handy ideas to pick up. The book effort started early 2015 and has seen steady releases since. Each release has improved the book somehow as the React ecosystem keeps on changing.

Getting the Book#

Just as with the webpack book, you can find a free online edition that contains most of the content. If you like the book, purchase the digital edition. You can also check out the project at GitHub. GitHub contains the associated source and a way for you to send feedback. I am also available through Gitter chat if you have more direct questions.

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You can support creation of new content by purchasing a digital copy of the book. If you want something more personal (training, consulting), contact me personally and I'll see what I can do.

If you get stuck, remember to check out the Gitter chat.


I offer training around the content. See the training page for more details.

About the Author#

Author photo Juho Vepsäläinen is behind the SurviveJS effort. In addition to being a core developer of webpack, he has been active in the open source scene since the early 2000s. Blue Arrow Awards winner.

Kea - High level abstraction between React and Redux - Interview with Marius Andra
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