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About me

I am Juho Vepsäläinen, a seasoned web developer. I developed my first website around 1996 although it has been lost to the history and I was not serious about web development back then. It was only in early 2000s that I started to become more serious about programming as I became involved with the Blender project for several years starting from 2005 as I contributed to the project by coding and improving documentation. I was one of the founders of webpack core team and helped to establish the project to a broader public through my webpack book. I have also authored numerous open source projects primarily for my own purposes, although several have become popular on their own as other people and companies have found my work useful. At the moment I pursue a PhD at Aalto University and so far I have produced numerous research outputs related to web development and mentored several students in their BSc and MSc work.

I established my own company in 2016 to support my publishing efforts. I use the company for occasional consulting while giving workshops and presentations as opportunities arise. I have been organizing conferences primarily in Finland starting from 2018 as the first React Finland conference took place then. Since that time, we have pivoted into a new brand called Future Frontend to allow discussion about future-oriented web topics beyond React.

You can consider this site as my collection of web related knowledge. It is primarily a learning resource for beginner to intermediate developers although especially the research portions cover advanced, bleeding edge material. I am not overly active on social media, but you can find me in the following places: