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I have authored several books related to JavaScript and you can find them on this site. See below for more specific descriptions.

In this book, I go through main features of webpack, a module bundler for JavaScript, and show how to compose your own configuration effectively. It doubles as a reference for common webpack techniques and I have included discussion considering alternatives. The book matches the current version of webpack.

In this book co-authored with Artem Sapegin, I explore how to maintain and publish your JavaScript projects. Originally it was split off from the webpack book. The book is largely complete although I want to give it modernization pass to catch up with the latest developments in the space.

React book is where it all started and the webpack book was split up from this. The book is not up to date although it may be interesting to follow the book project while building it using some other technology or the latest React APIs. In other words the book could use an update and it is maintained on the site for historical purposes for now.