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I run my workshops using a kata format. In other words, they form of series of smaller tasks that contain exercises to complete to encourage learning through doing. Often I complete my kata workshops with a brief introduction to the topic. Although it is fun to complete them in a workshop format, it is possible to go through them alone and I have listed my katas below.

Qwik is a recent web framework that approaches web application from a different angle by eschewing the concept of hydration and replacing it with resumability. This means it provides unique benefits, such as automatic code-splitting, out of the box making it an interesting alternative for web developers that want to develop performant websites and applications out of the box.

Deno is the followup project of Ryan Dahl, the original author of Node.js. In Deno, Ryan wanted to fix his perceived mistakes of Node.js and Deno could be characterized as a whole toolbox that comes with solutions for common server-side programming problems particularly in terms of tooling.

Web Audio is a powerful, yet underestimated, web API that allows you to build complex audio-based web application. In this kata, you will build a small Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) while getting acquainted with the relevant APIs and some of the history behind digital audio.