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Other Types of Documentation

Contribution Guidelines

Contribution guidelines explains how to contribute to a project:

  • how to setup the environment;
  • code style;
  • what kind of contributions you want;
  • links to all relevant documentation.

GitHub will show a link to contributing guidelines on the new pull request page.

Read more about contribution guidelines in the GitHub open source guide and Mozilla’s How to Build a

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct is document that describes what behavior is acceptable for project’s participants. They will feel safer when they know that maintainers won’t tolerate bad behavior.

GitHub has a wizard to help you choose and add a code of conduct to your project.

Read more about code of conducts in the GitHub open source guide.

Issue and Pull Request Templates

GitHub doesn’t have enough tools to ensure that issues and pull request are of good quality. Issue and pull request templates are text files that GitHub shows as a default text when someone creates an issue or a pull request.

Issue and pull requests are discussed in greater details in the Processes chapter.