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Once an initial version of software has been developed, it often becomes the subject of maintenance efforts. You will have to evolve the code to match new requirements. Doing this is challenging when technology keeps changing. Especially web development is prone to this as the stack and standards keep evolving.

Commercial open source and its adoption has changed the industry. Open source solutions have often become the new standard. The change has meant that now there are new ways for companies and individuals to collaborate. The progress hasn’t come without pains. How can you combine the interests of different parties while allowing open source projects to succeed?

Even though there is literature related to software maintenance and web development, it’s this intersection that deserves more attention. In this book a few other developers and I have combined our collective knowledge to allow you to maintain and develop successful projects. Although the topic is discussed from the perspective of open source, many of the techniques are applicable to private projects, as you will usually meet similar problems with those.

Juho Vepsäläinen