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SurviveJS - Webpack and React - v1.9.10


It’s time for another maintenance release with minor tweaks here and there. Probably the biggest change is the fancy new cover which I crafted based on the logo design of Prospect One. Cheers for that.

Probably the biggest news this time around is that the book is going to be a part of the React Indie Bundle. This will be a good chance to pick up some additional material while supporting indie authors and library/tool developers in their craft.

Overview of the Situation

The situation with Babel 6 is still a little problematic. Besides waiting for babel-plugin-react-transform to catch up, there’s the additional issue of decorator support. I’ll keep an eye on the progress and update the book once the time is right.

The biggest cosmetic change has to do with the introduction of property initializers. I simply got tired of having to use bind at constructor so I enabled the feature for the project. Even though experimental feature, it cleans up the examples somewhat so I believe it was worth it. The only gotcha is that hot loading doesn’t support property initializers. But then, we had the same issue earlier. Now the code is just a little neater.

I put some serious effort to developing Antwar, my Webpack and React based site generator. Given I use it to develop this site, I felt it was a good chance to push it further. I managed to simplify it conceptually somewhat while improve performance a great deal. The work is on-going and I’m still dogfooding it. By the looks of it, the next release should be quite sweet. You can think of Antwar as “Webpack of static site generators”.

Book Improvements - 1.9.10

In total 34 commits went to 1.9.10. To make it easier to follow what happened and where, I’ve split up the changes below.

You can see GitHub for all changes.


  • Explained Webpack’s approach in detail.
  • Explained React in detail.

Developing with Webpack

  • Pushed path configuration to a single PATHS structure. A little neater this way.
  • Explained how to serve build results easily.
  • Made webpack-dev-server use stats: 'errors-only', option. This relatively new option gives you far less output and helps to keep your terminal clean.

Webpack and React

Implementing a Basic Note Application

  • Added warning mentioning that hot loading isn’t fool proof. It’s at its best if you can push your state to a state container such as redux.
  • Changed key to use id directly. The ids are unique so why not.
  • Explained bind in greater detail.

React and Flux

From Notes to Kanban

  • Clarified waitFor explanation.
  • Hinted how to improve Editable. Now it encapsulates store itself. It would be interesting to extract the state and control it outside. This would be a good extension point for further development.

Implementing Drag and Drop

  • Tied drag and drop explanation to the application better.
  • Fixed filenames.

Building Kanban

  • Expanded on DefinePlugin and how to use it. I managed to bum a couple of lines of code while at it given you can do just 'process.env.NODE_ENV'. Small win but a win still.

Testing React*

  • Fixed isparta-instrumenter-loader to version 0.2.1 given that’s the last version that works with Babel 5.

What Next?

I will review the typing situation and go through the book myself from start to finish to see potential pain points. Perhaps I can do something to improve the code examples. There are a couple of ideas related to that. After this I have to cut v2.0.0. That’s not an end of course but I feel it’s an important milestone for this project.


Even though small release, I want to thank you for feedback again. You helped me to fix a lot of issues I never would have caught on my own. You can contact me directly or through the GitHub issue tracker. Also Gitter will work.

Remember that you can support my work by purchasing the book at Leanpub. Every little bit counts and allows me to keep it up.