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Squareboat - Growing an IT Business - Interview with Gaurav Gupta



What is it like to grow an IT business? At least in my experience, it’s not the easiest thing to do, and there are many things you have to get right to stay floating.

To learn more about the topic, I am interviewing Gaurav Gupta about his company, Squareboat.

Can you tell a bit about yourself?

Gaurav Gupta

I am a tech entrepreneur who wants to use technology to make the world a better place. After spending a big part of my life in the industry, I feel that an understanding and control of technology is the ultimate super-power that anyone can have.

I have worked with some of the world’s biggest companies for over 12+ years, immersed in developing and maintaining vast and scalable web and mobile applications end-to-end including product conceptualization, design, backend and frontend development, deployment, server management, uptime, reliability, performance, and scalability.

With Squareboat, I am working towards my goal of adding value to the lives of people who use the products developed by us.

How would you describe Squareboat to someone who has never heard of it?

Squareboat is an Internet startup with incredibly talented people working together under a single roof. We build beautiful, scalable, and feature-rich web and mobile applications. Some of the world’s best companies trust us for making their web and mobile applications.

What is the business model of Squareboat? Has it changed over time?

Our business model has been the same from day one. We build mobile and web applications for our clients and hopefully eliminate the need for our clients ever to hire or feel the need to hire their tech teams.

How does Squareboat differ from other vendors?

I think our most significant difference is our ability to understand complex system requirements and present them to our end users in a clean, simple, and understandable way. We’re a big believer in making clear products, have a great UX, and can be understood at a glance.

Why did you start Squareboat?

It was clear to me at an early stage that the Internet is about to revolutionize every business. It was also evident that the average software company in India is simply not capable of delivering to the needs of these new-age startup founders.

Doing this requires not only excellent technical capability but also someone who can speak to them in their language, understand their business goals, and then architect products accordingly. Squareboat was formed precisely to solve this need.

What next?

Hopefully, an even bigger team, more products, and many more success stories!

The future holds immense opportunities for Squareboat. Technology is changing rapidly, and so are we. Looking at the trends, we can anticipate that the diversity of new platforms is going to take software development to another level. Well, whatever the future may be, Squareboat will always keep ruling the roost and deliver the best experience to everyone.

What advice would you give to programmers getting into web development?

Keep your basics and concepts clear because technology keeps changing now and then. Choose projects/practice over theory.

Any last remarks?

To conclude, I would like to say that technology has become the backbone of humanity, and it is essential for people to understand both its pros and cons.

As a founder of a tech company, I am excited about the possibilities that the future holds for us, and we as a company are up for the challenge to continually remain the leaders in the space and impact millions of lives with our beautiful and impactful products.


Thanks for the interview, Gaurav! The most exciting part of the technology market for me is figuring out ways to deal with the pace of change. The way we develop keeps changing rapidly as new technologies appear, and as an entrepreneur, it’s a challenge to keep up.