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React India 2019 - The international React.js conference in Goa, India - Interview with Manjula Dube


It is exciting to organize a conference, especially when it’s the first of its kind in a region. To learn more about one such event, I’m interviewing Manjula Dube from the React India (22-24.08.2019) team.

Can you tell a bit about yourself?

Manjula Dube

I am a software engineer based out of Berlin. I also teach React/Javascript at Code University and Le Wagon. I love to code like I love Indian food.

I organise Mumbai Women Coders, GDG Berlin, React India. In my free time, I mostly spend time working on open source and helping developers in the community. I am also a conference speaker who loves GraphQL, React.

How would you describe React India to someone who has never heard of it?

React India is a community-led non-profit initiative with an international flavor. The first of its kind in India, the event consists of a workshop day and two days of talks around the topic.

It is a three-day conference with the first day focusing on workshops and the next two days talks on things around React, React Native and GraphQL. This edition will be gathering front-end and full-stack developers across the globe to Goa, India.

In this single track event, you will learn more about React and surrounding topics while meeting some of the leading talents around the globe. In addition to enjoying the conference, this is your chance to explore Goa. Regular and lightning talks will cover various React and frontend topics including React Native, GraphQL, VR & AR, Redux, Preact and more!

What does React India offer?

React India will be one of the first Indian conferences to have over 25+ speakers flying from over 15+ countries which count for 10+ International speakers and over 15 Indian speakers.

React India will be the first-ever conference to hold this vast and massive community-led effort. We are also focusing on diversity and getting a lot of female speakers on board.

We offer our attendees the quintessence of professional front-end engineering knowledge throughout the event with multiple workshops and single track followed with two days talks by experts.

How does React India differ from other events?

One for all, all for one.

React India is a non-profit conference which is organized by developers for the broader developer community. We make a difference by focusing on curated developer content and while enjoying the event together as a community. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive conference for everyone.

React India has a strict code of conduct which is enforced on everyone who is part of it. We make all organizers, sponsors, speakers, volunteers, delegates, and attendees of all levels to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Here’s our annual conference accessibility statement.

Why did you decide to arrange React India?

There is a sizeable Indian community of developers who are eager to learn but lacked International exposure. React India will be the platform for establishing the global connect and showcase the power of this fantastic technology format.

What next?

React India’s goal is to become India’s annual international conference which will aim to grow each year from its inception. We plan to reach out to more Indian developers in upcoming years. React India provides a platform to both network and to share your knowledge with global developer ecosystem.

What does the future look like for React India?

I haven’t thought that far yet but will be doing this conference every year so that we have both international and local flavor in our Javascript and React community.

I want to bring in more women developers to speak out on React / Javascript topics. My ultimate goal for React India is to continue growing our community by inspiring a whole new group of people to join the amazing developer community!

What advice would you give to programmers getting into web development?

First of all, programming is not hard. Despite what people say, you don’t have to be a genius to learn to program. Avoid copy and pasting even if it takes long enough to write up a necessary line code. Stick to it and work on it until you completely understand it.

I would say keep learning don’t look back. Ask for help in the community. There are a lot of people in the community to help. My last advice will be “be determined and focused”. Sometimes you will feel on the top of the world, sometimes times you will question yourself.

Whatever highs and lows you face, keep practicing, keep trying, keep learning because that feeling when you achieve something will make you more proud of yourself.

Always remember - “The hardest path has the greatest payoff.”

Who should I interview next?

Maybe some developers in India who are already excited about the conference or speakers such as (Ken Wheeler or Jani Eväkallio) about how they feel about coming to India for this conference. :)

Any last remarks?

I want to thank all the individuals behind the scenes who are working hard to make this conference an awesome one. Thanks to second organizer Sahil Mhapsekar for helping me make this happen. Lastly thanks to our sponsors React Finland and React Alicante.

Come forward to show your support for this non-profit initiative by self-motivated individuals from the developer community. React India is looking out for sponsorship. Through sponsorship support, we hope to invite as many deserving people as possible who would otherwise be unable to attend. Let us together create a meaningful experience for everyone.

Learn more from the sponsorship deck.


Thanks for the interview Manjula! React India will take place between 22nd and 24th in August of 2019 in Goa, India.

You can learn more conference at React India site and get news through @react_india on Twitter.