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iHateReading - Where knowledge is shared - Interview with Shrey Vijayvargiya



Developing content is hard work, and it takes consistent effort to become a successful content producer.

To learn more about one approach, I am interviewing Shrey Vijayvargiya about iHateReading.

Can you tell a bit about yourself?

Shrey Vijayvargiya

Hello, My name is Shrey Vijayvargiya. Thanks a lot for showing a bit of interest in me 🙃; I define myself in three steps in both professional and personal life:

  • I am a Developer by profession with three years of working experience.
  • I am also a Designer by interest because I love omitting my thoughts, opinions, and ideas using Designs and Software.
  • And in the end, I called myself a Journalist by blood because I love sharing my knowledge with my audiences in whatever way I can; it’s really in my blood 😁 that one day I will become a Journalist.

How would you describe iHateReading to someone who has never heard of it?

I called iHateReading, a place where knowledge is shared. iHateReading is made to teach development, designing, launching, and product management in the easiest and chill way.

We at iHateReading write code while listening to music, we teach UI and UX using background music and motivational beats 😁✌️. We shared what we know and in which we believe, we believe in journalism, we believe in teaching all software development and designing in one go and in a fun and more accessible way.

Every development content we create is less than seven minutes and full of images and coding examples and sometimes demo videos which makes understanding and learning more accessible.

Every design concept we teach encompasses videos and practical applications of them.

At last, we provide a single interface for developers to come and access the world-class professional boilerplates, which makes development and learning easier.

iHateReading homepage
iHateReading homepage

How does iHateReading work?

It’s pretty simple whatever we learn and know we share with our audiences, no filter, no decorations. Our website is simple and easy to navigate. We get inspiration from Medium and Figma, and Dribbble. We are still learning, So do show some support by visiting our website and learning in whatever way you can 🙃.

How does iHateReading differ from other solutions?

Haha 😁, not at all; we are not competing with anyone, neither are we on that level to compete. We give our users clean and straightforward access to the content; you don’t have to pay to read, nor do you need to log in.

We work very hard to get a decent amount of traffic, fewer users, but whosoever visit do reach us back, which is our ultimate goal. We will never ask for any money or anything in the future, our prime motive is to share knowledge, and we will be doing it forever.

Why did you develop iHateReading?

It all started when we start writing on Medium. Back in 2021 March, we took a 30DaysOfCodeChallenge in which we indulge in writing new code every day. The challenge was quite common in the technical domain; the new thing we were doing is sharing the simple 5–7 minute article with code examples and demo video every day.

That consistent work helps us reach and anticipate us to make a single accessible platform for all our audience to read our logs (tech articles).

We follow the same pattern with UI designs and illustrations, leading to creating a single web page for our audience to view all our designs on one single platform.

What next?

We have quite a bigger picture for iHateReading. Let me explain in a bit simpler and listed way :

  • We are planning to create more technical content across all development domains (backend, frontend, architecture, infrastructure) in all languages we can. Sharing knowledge in less than seven minutes full of images and live coding examples is quite challenging.
  • We are about to create videos and podcasts for designers on our platform to learn designing while watching. This makes learning very simple in the future, and with one click away, you will learn design and its concepts.
  • We have a panel called Repos; this single section is loved by users a lot. We provide world-class professional boilerplates for developers to download and use and learn from it. I highly recommend you check it out to help you understand how large-scale applications are being developed.


Web development is at its peak at the current point of time. It is the most widely used tech domain, and millions of opportunities are laying, coming back and forth for web developers. Stay tuned to this domain and keep learning the new tech stacks because that is the only way to stay fit in the development domain.

The only trend I can see is that web development is shifting towards developing more full stack applications instead of just writing CSS or HTML. Learning the basic concepts of backend, frontend, product management, UI, UX will become imperative for a web developer in the succeeding years. And that is where our iHateReading comes in the game where you can learn web development, product management, and Designing in one go.

What advice would you give to programmers getting into web development?

I always believe in one thing while learning any technology or skill, and that is to enjoy it or Love it. Once you start enjoying it, you will always perpetuate it even when the odds are against you. And that is the key to success, I guess, consistency and self-confidence.

So, To all budding developers, keep enjoying those tricky debugging nights and challenging learning curve. You are trying your best, and that is all you can do, so don’t be upset; this journey is not a cakewalk, and remembers that the key to success is consistency and confidence.

Who should I interview next?

I always want to hear the story of Hitesh Choudhary and how he built Learn Code Online, and why he built it. Not sure whether he wants to give an interview, but I would love to give his name.

Any last remarks?

Yes, I am thankful to you as a reader for showing a decent interest in iHateReading, in what we believe. And lastly, a big thanks to SurviveJS for having my interview; keep growing and be happy.


Thanks for the interview, Shrey! I like your aggregation based approach and there’s value in filtering all the available content out there so it’s easier to consume.

You can check iHateReading online.