SurviveJS Euro Tour 2017

You know how rockstars tour to support their albums? Who is to say a book author could not do the same?

Through a couple of coincidences, it looks like I'll be touring Europe this April. I'll start the tour from Finland and visit countries like Norway, Germany, Czech, Slovakia, and Austria during it. I will be talking mostly about webpack during the tour unless there's demand for other topics.

Note that I have time especially during the weeks at Norway and Germany. This is your chance to bug me in person!

I've listed the tour dates below with registration where possible. The list will be updated as I have more information available.

23-24.3 - Helsinki, Finland#

1-9.4 - Norway, Oslo#

9-19.4 - Germany#

19-26.4 - Czech Republic and Slovakia#

27.4 - Vienna, Austria#


See you on the tour!

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