SurviveJS - Webpack and React

Go from zero to Webpack and React hero


Getting started with JavaScript can be painful. Technology keeps on improving all the time and it can be difficult to keep up. That is where SurviveJS comes in.

The first book of the series focuses on Webpack and React. Webpack, a module bundler, solves the fundamental problem of frontend development. In the end you will want to package a bunch of various assets into something for client to consume. Webpack can do that with ease.

Facebook's React is another one of those tools that simplifies the life of web developers greatly. Although it is just a library focusing on rendering views it has changed the way we think about frontend development.

Combined these two technologies provide an excellent starting point for modern web application development.


SurviveJS - Webpack and React is the book I wish I had when I bumped into these technologies the first time. It would have saved a lot of time and headaches. But worry not. You don't have to be as unlucky.

I have distilled my knowledge about the topic in this book in an easy to follow format. Following the book you will build a simple Kanban application that can be used for tracking tasks. When ready you can even you use it with your own projects.

As I am aware just following along can be boring I have set up the project in its various steps in the accompanying GitHub repository. The book isn't entirely tutorial-driven. Some parts provide you more general view of the web development scene. For instance I discuss topics such as styling and library authorship in greater detail.


An early version of the book is already available. I keep track of the status of the book in the project README. Especially early chapters and a couple of the later ones are in a good condition. Feedback is very welcome.

How to support?

Even though the book is free under CC BY-NC-ND license, financial support is welcome. You can for instance purchase an electronic copy of the book.