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Webpack Clinic#

A clinic is a miniature version of my workshops. Maybe you have specific problems in mind and want specific feedback on those. The exact content is customized per client and we can spend time with your code in addition to general topics. I use a specific set of slides to run the conversation.

Two hours is a good amount of time for a clinic and it will give you a high energy blast of ideas and potential solutions to problems related to either webpack or React. You'll also have a chance to ask Tobias a few questions in the end. You'll get answers later!

At least the following outcomes are possible within a clinic:

  • Tuning your webpack configuration structurally so that it's easier to maintain.
  • Speeding up your webpack build. Certain minor changes can give a 2x boost sometimes although if you have applied optimizations already, this won't be possible to achieve easily.
  • Sharing information within your team so that other people understand better what's going on and can tune the configuration with confidence if needed.

In addition to webpack, we can also discuss React or dig into your application code.

How Much Does This Cost?#

A 3h session costs 150 euros per individual and it's capped to four participants. The cost is fixed to 500 euros for companies and comes without a participant cap.

If you want me on-site, you'll have to cover travel related costs.

Remote Clinic#

You can book a remote clinic for 200 euros per an hour session if that's more convenient to you.

How to Purchase?#

You should contact me through the means you find most convenient for further details (see the site footer). Email is possible too (info @ domain).

About the Trainer

Juho Vepsäläinen Juho Vepsäläinen is behind the SurviveJS effort. In addition to being a core developer of webpack, he has been active in the open source scene since the early 2000s. Blue Arrow Awards winner.

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